Asian Conservation Foundation Book, Voices from the Islands, 2016-2017
Tañon Strait Photo Assignment for Oceana Philippines 2015
Tañon Strait Assignment • Oceana Philippines 2015
Hive Hotel and Convention Place • 2015
Corregidor Photography ,  Feature for 
Royal Brunei Airlines' Muhibah Magazine
Photo Assignment, Silver Kris
Photo Assignment, 
InFlight Magazine
Photo Assignment, GoHotels

Photo contribution, 
Traders Hotel
Photo assignment, 
Cocoon Hotel
Photo contribution,
Mabuhay Magazine
Photo contributions to DOTTourism It's More Fun Website

Photo contribution, Mabuhay Magazine
Photo contribution, Silver Kris 2013
Photo contribution, 
Anvil Peace Warriors
Photo assignment, Gohotels
Photo assignment, Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Boracay
Photo contribution, 2013 Syngenta Planner
Photo assignment, AMOSUP 50th Anniversary Book
Photography, Shell Rimula